How To Read The Akashic Records

BookI have tended to avoid these type of books however, while chatting with a friend the topic came up as I described some of my experiences in Egypt. He suggested I read a different book (next weeks read) and I found myself a “how to do manual” Linda Howe briefly describes some of her experiences and details a methodology for doing  readings or others or yourself. The method is in essence saying a type of pray or ritual opening to the records. If at this point you are unfamiliar with what they are I suggest you click here for a brief description. 

During my explorations of altered states of consciousness I have experienced access to different ways of experiencing the world and information that at times feels like it is pouring into me, and I discover at a later date there has been a consolidation of knowledge that is accessible to me. So I was interested in exploring a term I have heard many times yet not explored directly ( at least not with this method). I read the book and thought to myself I would wait until I had time to centre myself go into a meditative state and then explore. While walking along a busy road and having scanned the method on my phone I decided to do the technique later that day. An internal voice said “Just do it” and was quite persistent so I thought why not , so walking along the road (there was no one around me at the time) I said the words in the method out loud. I kept walking and within a  few seconds could feel my state altering, my eyes closed briefly and I could feel them flickering and as I focused on the question I wanted to explore, information came into my mind – for me it was as if there were two voices providing information – and I became instantly aware of others ways I could perceive my issue and an explanation of what the underlying meaning of the situation. As I kept walking (eyes open) the information continued until I felt I had what I needed, and closed the connection.

It is possible I would have gained the same perspective through other methods However, I was very impressed with the straight forward approach and the speed the connection was made. The approach is straight forward easy to learn and would recommend it as part of your explorations.