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A journey of healing: Beware of the challenges that can accompany the journey.

The journey of discovery has many aspects and balancing it with overall mental and physical health is critical. If we neglect our health, family, work, this may lead to a path were it becomes very difficult to find the inner harmony usually desired. It is advised that in your journey that you have a mentor, therapist, teacher who can assist you at times of need/crisis.

Meditation Triggered My Psychosis; Reiki Healed It

Throughout my childhood and adolescent years, I was a serious classical musician who played the viola. Because I played well, no one knew that I struggled with depression. I cried uncontrollable tears while practicing, which impeded my capacity to improve on the instrument. My progress was slower than my musician colleagues’, causing me to feel utter fury, jealous that others could practice without such impairment.

To alleviate my musical grief, I joined a meditation group outside of the conservatory. It was called Sahaj Marg, a term that translates as “Easy Path.” The group was affiliated with a guru in Chennai, India named Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, affectionately referred to as “Chariji.” (He has since passed away.) Abhyasis (practicants) believed he was a living example of enlightenment and a guide for us to follow so that we, too, could become enlightened. He dictated that we meditate in a specific way that would allow his divine energy to flow through us, thereby making us lighter and more enlightened. This practice included daily meditations at home and group and individual meditation sessions with a preceptor (ordained leader).


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