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Joining esoteric groups

Comment: I found this article about considerations for when you are considering joining a group that offers lessons for those on a spiritual path. Although the article is about the Rosicrucian Order, the basic advice to “choose wisely” equally applies to many approaches.


Why Join a Rosicrucian Order and Which Group is Right for You?

If you are looking to seriously undertake studies in the Rosicrucian path you’ll undoubtedly come across various fraternities offering some form of home-study lessons, books, or lodge initiations.

Some offer free lessons. Others are expensive. Some offer no lessons at all and solely operate to confer degrees of ceremonial initiation. In such cases, the material you study is personal to you.

There are humble groups and noisy groups. Some require you to be a Freemason to join. At times having to jump through a few obstacles means something serious is being transmitted behind closed doors. As a network of free-thinkers, hailing from several Rosicrucian fraternities, we understand that choosing the right Rosicrucian Order for you takes time. It is a life choice.

Many will blatantly suggest their own school, raising their hands to say, “join us.”

Our message instead is: “Choose wisely.”

This means acting from an informed position with sound judgement.



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