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The search for drug induced spiritual experiences may have unintended consequences (not the ones you are thinking about)

lucid.newsComment: I came across this article and I realised that I had never considered this side of the story – the potential impact of a quest for “spiritual experiences” through plant medications on the local community. A challenging read.



In our technologically driven Western culture, many push the idea that the ayahuasca experience is a gift from its spirit to humanity. They claim that the spirit of ayahuasca decided that this is the time to spread its healing wisdom to a world suffering from emotional pain and spiritual emptiness…

However, we are greedily exporting the corrupted values that failed our societies to the materialistic needy, indigenous world. At the same time, we are attempting to import their ancient cultures and values to mask our emotional pain. This journey is unbalanced and complicated, as you will see.



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