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Conspiracy – Avoid the trap

Comment: Many years ago I spent some time looking at conspiracy sites I learnt government and organisations do lie and there are constant attempts to manipulate people. I also learnt that the extreme conspiracy theories lack internal logic, and a tendency to view any person who offers criticism as a sign that they are part of the conspiracy!

This is a CNN report on an Australian man who who for two years followed the QAnon path before getting out.


One day in June 2019, Jitarth Jadeja went outside to smoke a cigarette. For two years he’d been in the virtual cult of QAnon. But now he’d watched a YouTube video that picked apart the last element of the theory he believed in. Standing there smoking, he would say later, he felt “shattered.” He had gone down the QAnon rabbit hole; now, having emerged from it, he had no idea what to do next.

‘QAnon only hurts people. It has helped nobody.’

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