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A Mystic Experience

Comment: A short description of a transcendental experience I found online in the Indian Economic Times.

The most striking feature of the transcendental experience is a trademark ‘flash of illumination’ and its brief but effulgent nature. In that one moment of illumination, a mystic communion with Spirit, Self, is experienced that reveals the unity of all life, and love as the substratum of all creation. A sense of expansion, light and ecstasy floods the being of the recipient.

There is dissolution of all fear, and an inviolable sense of immortality. This exalted experience is nothing but a divine communion with the beauty of the Self as described in Indic scriptures. Sri Sathya Sai Baba describes the revelatory moment thus, ‘The moment you see your own beauty and are filled with it, you forget all else and are free from all bonds.…’ This moment of illumination reveals the truth that everyone else is but the reflection of oneself.

The revelation does not necessarily have to happen to only those consciously engaged in spiritual pursuits. A shimmering encounter with anything that raises inner vibration and makes the individual jump into the all-pervasive glory and infinitude of the universe, does it. A sublime poem, an exquisite piece of classical music, a mountain at dusk, a shaft of moonlight on water, can be enough to trigger a sharp momentary awareness of transcendence, in a receptive soul.

All of us have the potential to experience transcendence, but only after we attain readiness for it. A refined sensibility, empathy of soul and sensitivity to the beauty of nature, all of which are but spirituality in disguise, is enough to trigger the experience.

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