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A short Introduction

Mark Anns

This site was developed to share with others my journey and exploration of my connection to a “sense of other”. I anticipate that the information will stimulate thoughts and behaviours in others that will aid them on their own explorations.

My background – a professional psychologist by training and my interest in transpersonal psychology commenced over forty years ago. Since that time I have used meditation, hypnosis, drugs, sex, and a range of technological devices, to explore consciousness and altered states. I have experienced a wide variety of different experiential modalities in a quest for knowledge and personal development. These have included a variety of energetic approaches including becoming a Reiki master and I have undergone intense training in guiding others on their own journey of discovery.

A critical component of my development was the realisation that the journey is not about finding a god(s) to give me an answer or to submit myself to rather, it has been the realisation that by altering my own states I can resonate with different “energies” that allow other perceptions of reality. Through this process personal and spiritual transformation takes place.

I currently live in Sydney, Australia.

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